Good Samaritan Ministry

“He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine…” Luke: 10 : 34

When our Lord Jesus Christ was walking on this earth, he went in search of the needy and the wounded, and healed them. In the same way, today, whenever a disaster takes place, Pastor A Vincent and the believers go to the affected area and provide for the needs of the affected people, distributing clothes, food grains and other household materials. Above all, they share the everlasting love of our lord Jesus Christ to these people.

It is as part of its Good Samaritan Ministry that Trinity Full Gospel Ministries have carried out several relief works such as Tsunami Relief work, Bihar flood relief, and several fire rehabilitation works.

Apart from it, on every Christmas, we gather about a thousand beggers from the streets of Pondicherry and provide them with food and clothes. We also share the Good News and pray for them.

Everyday, we reach public places and we distribute food for the needy.

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